In Words includes essays describing the artist’s creation process and philosophies of how nature, intuition are manifested in sculpture, featuring The Weight of Wings, written by Yeon-Tak Chang.

In Stone is the visual exposition of works by sculptor Yeon-Tak Chang.

References contains the professional credentials, awards and recognition attained, plus chronological lists of exhibitions, back to 1980.

Harmony Between Man and Nature
Joint Exhibit – Harmony Between Man and Nature –
October 16 to November 28, 2021
Vertical Siena - Carrara Marble
At the Canadian Sculpture Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Address: 19 Mill St., Toronto / Phone: 647-435-5858

In Words

The Weight of Wings

It seems fortunate that wings were not given to human beings.
Human beings do not hope to have wings to fly. Angels, who have the appearance of human beings have wings. For human beings, the dream of wings is the thirst and longing for endless freedom.
In my childhood, I enjoyed flying kites on windy days. I flew the kites that I had made, up into the infinite blue sky, carrying my dream and vision. Then, I was beginning to escape into the endless journey of my life.
The wings of flying kite-birds were waking my sleeping soul.

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In Stone

Gallery Collections

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NebulaJoint Exhibit – HARMONY BETWEEN MAN and NATURE – October 16 to November 28, 2021
Sculptures of Yeon-Tak Chang will be on exhibit along with pieces by David Ruben Piqtoukun at the Canadian Sculpture Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Address: 19 Mill St. / Phone: 647-435-5858

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Art Hall , University of East Stroudsburg, PA, U.S.A.
2000 Hyundai Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1996 Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto, Ontario
1993 Theodore Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ontario
1988 Shinsegye Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1985 Gallery 72, Omaha, Nebraska
1983 William Whipple Gallery, Marshall, Minnesota
1982 West Broadway Gallery, New York, New York
1981 Sam Woo Studio, Toronto, Ontario
1980 Gallery II Mercante, Milan, Italy
          Gallery Nuovo Spazio 2, Venice, Italy
1979 McDonald Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 Harmony Between Man and Nature – SSC Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2019 KASC Member – Paper Mill Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2019 Spatial Modes – SSC Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2018 KASC Member – Dosaan Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2017 Stone Work – SSC Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2015 Approaches – John B. Aird Gallery , Toronto
2012 Chang’s Family Art Exhibition, University of East Stroudsbug, PA, U.S.A.
2011 Three Sculptors Exhibition, Dosaan Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2001-2018 SSC Member Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2000 John B. Aird Gallery (Sculpture 2000), Toronto, Ontario

1999 Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation Gallery (KASC), Toronto, Ontario
1998 Art ’98 (Vancouver International Art Fair), Vancouver, British Columbia
1996 American Centre, Detroit, Michigan
          Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto, Ontario 
          Civic Center, Inchon, Korea 
          International Sculptor’S Symposium (Korea’s Clay & Fire), Iksan, Korea 
          Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 
          Han Kook Gallery, New York, New York
1995 Korean Cultural Service, New York, New York 
          Toyamura International Biennial Juried Exhibition, Hokaido, Japan 
          ‘95 World Art Festival Invitational Exhibition, Seoul Press Center Gallery,
          Seoul, Korea 
          First Canadian Place Gallery, O.S.A., Toronto, Ontario 
1994 Marika Jewellery and Fine Art, Banff, Alberta 
          Galerie Jean-Pierre Valentin, S.S.C. Tour Show, Montreal, Quebec 
1993 Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, British Columbia
          Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto, Ontario 
          First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 
          Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 
1992 National Art Centre, Lak Woo Sculptor’s Society, Seoul, Korea 
          John B. Airde Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 
          Theodore Museum of Contemporary Art, KASC, Toronto, Ontario 
1991 City Art Gallery, lnterCity Dialogue, Toronto, Ontario 
1989 John B. Aird Gallery, S.S.C., O.S.A., Toronto, Ontario 
1988 National Art Centre, Lak Woo Sculptor’s Society, Seoul, Korea
  John B. Aird Gallery, S.S.C., O.S.A., Toronto, Ontario 
          The Dante Centre, Ravenna, Italy 
          Gallery 72, Omaha, Nebraska 
1987 William Whipple Gallery, Marshall, Minnesota 
          Ernest Museum of Art, Budapest, Hungary 
          Suzanne Kohn Gallery, St. Paul, Minnesota 
          Commune di Castellanza, Varese, Italy 
1986 Columbus Centre, Toronto, Ontario 
          Pauline McGibbon Centre, Toronto, Ontario 
1985 Pagani Museum, Milan, Italy 
          Nina Owen Gallery, Chicago, Illinois 
          Metropolitan Library Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 
          Merton Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 
1984 Bridgestone Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 
          National Art Centre, Seoul, Korea 
         ’84 Contemporary Art Invitational, National Museum of Modern Art,
          Kwa Cheon, Korea 
1983 8 Korean Artists From North America, Korean Cultural Services,
          Los Angeles, California 
1982 Canadian Artists Invitational Show, Setadel Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 
          Sculptors Society of Canada, Pointe Claire Cultural Centre, Pointe Claire, Quebec 
          Sam II Gallery, LAKA Group, Los Angeles, California 
          Oversea Korean Artist Invitational, National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea 
1981 Korean Contemporary Artists Invitational Show, Sheraton Centre Gallery,
          Toronto, Ontario 
          Canadian National Exhibition Art Show, Toronto, Ontario 
          Second International Art Fair, Toronto, Ontario 
          Sculptors Society of Canada, Brampton Museum of Arts, Brampton, Ontario 
          Gallery Gabor, Toronto, Ontario 
1980 Commune di Marino, Second International Biennial Juried Exhibition,
          Commune di Carrara, Second International Scupltor’s Symposium, Carrara, Italy 
          Sculptors from Toronto, McDonald Gallery, Toronto, Ontario



Bachelor of Fine Arts, Seoul National University (1964)
Ontario Collage of Art, Toronto, ON (1980) 

Professional Studies 

Worked on marble sculpture in Pietrasanta and Carrara, Italy (1979-1980) 

Professional Memberships

Member of Sculptors Society of Canada
Member of Ontario Society of Artists


Art Culture, November 1980, by Attilio Lunardi, Milan, Italy
The Korea Times Weekly, March 1981, by Che-Ung Kim, Seoul, Korea 
The Korea Times Toronto, May 19, 1982 by Mee-Rai Cho, Toronto, Ontario 
Art Speak, May 1982, by Palmer Poroner, New York, New York 
The Independent, October 1983, by Anne Tyler, Marshall, Minnesota 


Merit Award, Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition, The Chosun-Ilbo, Seoul, 1964 
Korean Heritage Award, Toronto, 1983 
Vogel Architect Award, Sculptor Society of Canada, Toronto, 1993 
RCA Award, The Jacobine Jones Foundation, Toronto, 1994 

Public Collections & Commissions 

Museum of Modern Art (Pagani Museum), Milan, Italy 
National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea 
Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd. Toronto, Ontario 
Ford America, Omaha, Nebraska 
Southwest State University of Minnesota, Marshall, Minnesota 
St. Sosa Lee Roman Catholic Church, Etobicoke, Ontario 

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